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More than 150 companies have hired from Praxis — why the college alternative is scoring high marks with employers

Until recently, a four-year college degree was a necessity if you wanted to be consdered for a good job. But skyrocketing costs of tuition and crushing loads of student debt in the U.S. have spurred many would-be college-bound Gen Zers to rethink that value proposition. Employers have started to question it, too. Despite the cost, university degrees do not always provide the training and skills needed for graduates to succeed in the workforce — contributing to the rise of internships as a "must have" on resumes.  Enter Praxis. The eight-year-old company offers high-school graduates, college drop-outs and early-career professionals what it considers to be a more efficient path to the American Dream.

11.29.21   10:48 PM in Video

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