The internet went wild for news about a myth-turned-meme, now turned reality, when Warner Bros. announced a different cut of Justice League would be available for HBO Max in 2021. The DC Comics film, originally released in 2017, had to undergo reshoots after director Zack Snyder left the production for a family tragedy.

The Snyder cut of the film became something of an internet legend and troll rallying cry. But with Time Warner ($TWX) pushing consumers to sign up for its new streaming service releasing soon, anything to win over fans and potential customers now would pay dividends later. So now the hype begins, and we noticed a gigantic reaction online, which could lead to a stronger opening for HBO Max.

In a single day, the announcement of the Snyder cut added a 16% increase to HBO Max's Twitter following. 

The same thing happened over on Instagram, where there was a 9% jump.

Finally, Facebook likes went up 33% on May 21st, and almost 200K people are now talking about HBO Max online, compared to the paltry 24K just last week. This single announcement has done wonders for HBO Max's notoriety, but it'll be a while until the Friends reunion happens. THAT would do some numbers, seeing Joey and Chandler and Phoebe again.

So until then, look at the list of content available on launch day and decide for yourself if it's worth it now, or only worth it for the #Snydercut of Justice League.

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