Five months ago, we saw job postings for Juul ($PRIVATE:JUUL) fall 37% as politicians and local governments began cracking down on e-cigarette sales. Yesterday, co-founder James Monsees announced plans to step down as adviser and board member, and the company’s new management will determine the fate of the company.

Juul job openings hit a peak of 685 in August, then dropped 72% to 191 by November. Since then, that number has gone down 55% to 86.

The company’s social media engagement has also suffered. Juul’s Facebook ‘Talking About’ count has dropped a whopping 85%, indicating that mentions of the brand — either through status updates or selfies — has tumbled. In other words, Juul is far from cool as of late.

Vaping has also been mentioned with negative connotations as a complicating habit when it comes to Coronavirus. That could compound the slowdown we're seeing here. Once Juul is affected by Coronavirus, business could go up in smoke.

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