As Coronavirus spreads and begs us to stay inside and self-isolate, it’s easy to melt into the couch and snack the stress away. But people are trying to keep their priorities and routines as normal as possible in the midst of a global pandemic. With gyms closing, that means workout videos and at-home exercises for the fitness-inclined. 

Facebook mentions of Peloton ($PTON) and Mirror ($PRIVATE:MIRROR) — buzzy AI exercise machines for the homes of rich people who likely have the option to work remotely —  have shot up this month, while Equinox’s ($PRIVATE:EQUINOX) ‘Talking About’ count has plummeted. 

But if you don’t have $1495 to spend on a mirrored HD screen with a carbon steel frame and mineral bronze powder coat, YouTube and a yoga mat will do just fine. 

Yoga mats are ranking high among Amazon’s ($AMZN) best selling products. Since just last week, the average rank has risen 43.75% from 32 to 18, the highest it's been in a year. On the above chart, a lower data point signifies a higher ranking.

The average ranking was at 45 around the holidays last year and rose to 25 a month later, in the doldrums of winter. Resistance bands are also rising in the ranks. Since last week, the average ranking has gone up 32% from 62.9 to 42.6.

Resistance bands' ranking dropped around this time last year as people headed outside into the nice weather. It was starting to follow the same trajectory until we found out we’ll be indoors for the foreseeable future. 

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