In mid-March, Disney ($DIS) closed its theme parks for the first time since September 11, 2001. But this week, it re-opened Disneyland Shanghai with timed entry and social distancing measures. As of the date of publishing, it's unclear when Disney will re-open Disneyland California, Disneyworld Florida, and its other shuttered theme parts.

Meanwhile, it is estimated that Disney is losing between $20 and $30 million per day due to the closures. Needless to say, the company wants to open the parks as much as kids around the world want to get out of the house.

Disney theme parks were also massively popular places for people to take selfies and gloat on Facebook that they were having a better time than the rest of us. Prior to the March shutdown, more than 19 million selfies and status updates had been posted from Disneyland. But, since then, that number has flattened, and, in a case of deleted posts, declined.

The change of pace in Facebook "were here" count marks the first time such activity has slowed for Disney. "Were here" measures the number of posts to Facebook that signal the user posting the selfie, status update, or comment was at that particular place of business. Disney theme parks, along with movie theaters and gyms, are among the most popular selfie spots in the world.

Businesses in Paris will be allowed to open as of May 11, just as we are writing this story. So far, Disney has not announced timing estimates as to when it may re-open Disneyland Paris, however. Disneyland Paris posted an FAQ to its employees that hints the company is looking into re-opening, however, saying that it is "working closely with other Disney Parks, public authorities, [its] social partners and [its] reopening plans will be presented to our CSE (Social and Economic Council)."

Before the closure, Disneyland Paris "were here" numbers were more than 6.85 million. Since then, however, they've cooled off to 6.84 million. 

The big news out of Florida in regards to Disney World is that the theme park began accepting reservations for July 2020. When asked about the newly available reservations, the park only said that "reopening date has not been identified". 

If and when Disneyworld Florida does re-open, it will be building on a massive 8.81-million "were here" count that flattened out in March when the park closed. Since then, however, it's maintained a healthy "were here" count, ostensibly due to additional posts and activity from fans posting old photos or chatting about the park's anticipated reopening.

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