Having a load of people over for the holidays? Worried about malodorous scents from the facilities that everyone will be sharing once the creamed spinach kicks in?

You're not alone. According to Amazon ($AMZN) sales-rank data, Poo-Pourri ($PRIVATE:POOPOURRI), a pre-poop spray that assuages oncoming stinky deluges, is making its way up Amazon's sales ranks as families gather across America and as hosts look for ways to make the holiday experience a little less stinky for their guests.

Poo-Pouri is a perennial seller, but Amazon shoppers are adding bottles of the stuff to their carts in increasing numbers as the holidays quickly approach.

The trend isn't isolated to 2019, either. In 2018, Poo-Pouri shot to the #2 spot in Amazon's "Home & Kitchen" category on December 17, the week before Christmas. In 2017, it did nearly as well, shooting from #21 in November to #5 by mid-December.

It's also possible that people buy the product as a gift of sorts for others, or they buy it to bring along as they visit family and friends.

Either way, the holidays are good for Poo-Pouri.

Founded in 2007 by Suzy Batiz, the company has now sold more than 60-million bottles of Poo-Pourri.

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