A month ago, Patagonia ($PRIVATE:PATAGONIA) halted all retail operations in light of the Coronavirus outbreak. But the California company is quickly getting back to business this week. While stores are still closed, its online shop is up and running again. 

Of course, some things will have to change. As more retailers start to re-open, they’ll have to restrategize for the pandemic era. For Patagonia, that means a smaller workforce. Since the beginning of March, Patagonia’s job listings have dropped 91%, from 100 openings down to 9.

According to a recent interview with Todd Soller, who oversees global logistics for Patagonia, retail locations remain closed, but some may assist Reno’s online fulfillment by acting as “mini warehouse[s].”

Patagonia is also instituting more safety measures based on the Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization guidelines. Warehouse workers will abide by a 10-foot social distancing protocol and staggered shifts. The warehouse will staff less than 20% of its original workforce for the time being, as Gear Junkie reports.

Patagonia’s choice to reopen as a robust e-commerce operation could spur similar activity from other retailers, especially since it seems to be paying off. The brand’s social media engagement has been steady over the past few months, and Facebook mentions are now up 127% from the beginning of April. Patagonia could come back into customers’ lives as if it never left.

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