We're still not sure if the world will ever see former national security advisor John Bolton's memoir about his time in government while President Trump decided to withhold hundreds of millions of dollars in military assistance from Ukraine.

The book, titled The Room Where It Happened, is currently available to pre-order at Amazon ($AMZN) with a March 17, 2020 release date. And, as of this week, it's charted in all three of Amazon's book categories: Print, Kindle e-book, and Audiobook.

It's already the number-one sellers in United States History, National & International Security, Political Science and, among all books, was the #2 seller in the first week of February. Both the audiobook and Kindle versions tracked in late January until they disappeared from Amazon's ranks.

But it's now looking like the book may not see the light of day, at least on March 17. That's because the Trump organization is doing everything in its power to block the book's publication, including rumors that the president will try to imprison Bolton via Attorney General William Barr.

One thing is clear according to these sales-rank numbers, however: people want to read the book and see for themselves what happened or, at the very least, read Mr. Bolton's account of things.

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