J.Jill ($JILL) shares bounced back Monday, and when the company beat earnings estimates Tuesday morning, the stock continued its trajectory upward. 

The never-ending freak-out over the retail apocalypse is a constant staple of cable narratives - but it's not universal and it certainly does not apply across the board. 

First up - the company's Facebook ($FB) Talking About Count, which tracks how many people are mentioning a brand on the social network. It's not enormous - but we can tell from J. Jill's data, that it is in fact up. 

J. Jill's store count is also growing - ever so slightly. Our mapping data can create images tracking down individual locations, and here, we can see the company's overall footprint - which isn't connected to any particular marketplace. Store count rose by 5 this summer, reflecting just a little bit of growth. 

Finally - job postings - and on this category J.Jill hasn't made a ton of progress, despite its growing store count (not shown). Perhaps - with the recent addition of new locations - this is a trend that will pick up going forward. 

About the Data: 

Thinknum tracks companies using information they post online - jobs, social and web traffic, product sales and app ratings - and creates data sets that measure factors like hiring, revenue and foot traffic. Data sets may not be fully comprehensive (they only account for what is available on the web), but they can be used to gauge performance factors like staffing and sales. 

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