The Coronavirus is testing not just the immune systems, but also the patience of the entire world right now, and some men are beginning to crack. 

This isn't a tale that ends up in a looney bin; it's one that ends with sheepish selfies of a fellow who tried to take self-grooming into his own hands, ending in a bad haircut, a bald head, or even a small scar. Shaving disruptor Harry's ($PRIVATE:HARRYS) may be benefiting from the fact that, with all this time, and extra hair, people are beginning to make some bad decisions. 

Lately, Harry's Facebook ($FB) Talking About Count is soaring, as people self-groom, or just give in from that ill-advised notion that a beard might look good on them, break down, and try to hack it all off. But, it could also be about goodwill. 

Part of the social rise for Harry's could also be thanks to its generosity; it joined a growing number of companies giving away free stuff out to healthcare workers that are doing a challenging job on a daily basis. It's notable that its Talking About Count, which has long lagged the chatter Gillette has had with more than two million followers, has risen to more than half that of its much larger competitor. 

After earning a $1.37 billion dollar buyout from personal care company Edgewell, Harry's hasn't slowed growth. Year-over-year, headcount rose more than 7%.

However, job postings are down year-over-year, a signal that the company's growth may continue at a single-digit percentage trajectory, at least for as long as the global economy remains threatened by Coronavirus' rippling impacts.

However, the shaving disruptor's ability to deliver razors through the mail, rather than make consumers run out to the store, could be helping it gain traction in the digital marketplace at a truly critical time. 

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