Brian Chesky, co-founder and CEO of Airbnb ($PRIVATE:AIRBNB), wants you to know one thing: he's all about workplace culture. He says his key to success is surrounding himself with people that make him "slightly uncomfortable to be with, because you know you are going to have to raise your game to be with them." He views hiring new employees as "bringing in new DNA" that could make or break the organization.

His focus on workplace culture appears to be working. While Airbnb has had its ups and downs, it's on the ups when it comes to company culture as measured by thousands of Indeed reviews. Across virtually all metrics, reviews of Airbnb as a place to work at have been on an appreciable climb.

Overall workplace scores have risen from a cumulative average of 4.06 to 4.12 in the past six months. For comparison's sake, the top-rated workplace spot on Indeed belongs to Adobe, which commands a 4.3 out of 5.

Ratings for senior management have been on a steep include of late, as cumulative average has scaled up steeply since the beginning of September. Chesky and his C-level colleague now get a cumulate average score of 3.3 from their employees, up from 3.24 last spring.

Since August, Airbnb employes have been rating their opinions of the company's compensation and benefits packages more favorably after a lull in the summer of 2019.

"Career Opportunity" ratings at Airbnb have followed a similar track as those of Compensation and Benefits, with a summer lull followed by a sharp uptick beginning this September.

Since July, Airbnb employee ratings for the company's "Culture & Values" has been on the rise, moving from a July cumulative average of 3.46 to 3.52 as of last week, in a sign that employees are feeling more aligned with the company's mission.

Finally, life at work is also about life away from work, and this rating is also on the rise among Airbnb employees. As of last week, the cumulative average score for Airbnb's "Work/Life Balance" at has grown to a six-month high of 3.51 out of 5.

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