It's hard to know one way or another if Toys R Us could have been saved, but it seems those arguments are behind us at this stage.

Today, Toys R Us is closing its last doors, leaving behind this message on its website:

Here's what the company leaves behind:

More than 2,000 locations between Toys R Us and Babies R Us

Most kids in America had a Toys R Us nearby, as the map above shows (click for larger version).

30,000 employees

It's estimated that 30,000 people will be looking for work now that Toys R Us has shut down. As of today, roughly 18,000 people list Toys R Us as their employer on LinkedIn.

Millions of fans

Whether you were a kid who didn't want to grow up or an adult looking to spark the imagination of a kid in your life, there were very few people who didn't love the brand. At its peak, Toys R Us had close to 5 million followers on Facebook alone.

Millions of memories

As of publishing, this photo of Toys R Us mascot Geoffrey packing his bags and heading out has been shared more than 308,000 times. 

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