Tesla Motors' ($TSLA) hiring activity has been volatile historically. In the spring of 2018, hiring at the company skyrocketed as production and delivery needs of the Model 3 accelerated needs for production, customer service, and delivery. 

Since early October, however, hiring at Tesla has cooled off, based on open positions tracked directly from Tesla's careers site. On October 9, Tesla was hiring for 2,450 positions. Today, it's hiring for 2,380.

While that's only a minimal drop of just 3%, it is a sign that the company is slowing its hiring efforts. It could also mean that the company is hiring people at a quick rate, and that job listings are simply disappearing from its website at the same rate as new ones.

However, a recruitment analysis from the past couple months indicates that positions are slow to disappear from Tesla's careers platform. Of the 2,310 jobs listed on October 1, 2018, for instance (a Monday), only 57 of those had disappeared by November 1, 2018. In other words, while the number of positions hasn't grown since the fall, the number of hires appears to be low as well.

It's more likely that Tesla's needs have simply changed now that it has production and delivery processes in order. For instance, in June, the company went on a hiring spree for delivery specialists in order to get new cars into the hands of eager drivers.

If the company now has its production, customer service, and even commerce operations in order, this hiring lull could simply be the first signs or true stability at Tesla.

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