Analysts are getting warm on Tesla ($TSLA) after months of concern about the company's ability to deliver product and become a profitable operation. Meanwhile, CEO Elon Musk didn't make matters any easier for said analysts with bizarre behavior during earnings calls, off-the-cuff Twitter remarks, and statements about making Tesla a self-funded company, investors and analysts be damned.

But if hiring data is any indication, Tesla is re-investing in human capital once again after a steady and precipitous drop.

On July 1, 2018, Tesla had 1,662 openings listed on its careers site. Today, that number is 2,053. That's a jump of 23.5% in open positions in just a month.

While 2,053 open positions is still a far cry from the company's most recent peak of 2,945 open positions on May 19, 2018, the current trend appears to show what was a financially distressed company returning to growth form.

When it comes to where Tesla is hiring, the largest group of openings, 164 jobs, is at Tesla's Fremont facility where it's building cars — most notably the affordable Model 3 that it's infamously struggled to deliver to anxious customers. A close second-place goes to Tesla's Deer Creek Headquarters in Palo Also, followed by the company's Gigafactory where it manufactures batteries for the cars.

Location Text

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NA-US-CA-Fremont-45500 Fremont Blvd


NA-US-CA-Palo Alto-Deer Creek-HQ


NA-US-NV-Sparks-Electric Avenue-Gigafactory


NA-US-CA-Fremont-901 Page




NA-US-CA-Fremont-Ardenwood Campus 6800 Dumbarton IV 6


NA-US-CA-Fremont-Ardenwood Campus 6900 Dumbarton IV 5


APAC-CN-Beijing Huamao-Office


NA-US-UT-Draper-South Frontrunner Blvd


EU-DE-Cologne Carlswerk


July 1, when the hiring spree began, marks the beginning of a financial quarter. Given that, it makes sense that Tesla would shore up resources when it comes to hiring for reinvestment as they entered a new financial marker in order to show investors that they were re-evaluating when, where, and for what they were hiring.

It appears, in this case, that the new strategy is in place, and the company is once again growing its workforce.

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