It’s the umpteenth day of the COVID-19 quarantine and we’re starting to get used to the unchanging view, the commute from bedroom to couch. The fly on the wall is now a house guest and he doesn’t keep track of how often you shower. The dress code is extremely casual and strictly enforced.

The average sales rank for sweatpants on Amazon ($AMZN) hit 50 last week and has since jumped to 32 as people stock up on work-from-home uniforms. Sweatpants’ ranking sat at 23 earlier this month when quarantine was just starting to set in, up 77% from January.

The average sales rank for “stretch” clothing shot up to 9 over the weekend, up 81% from last week. It’s now back to 47.

Facebook ($FB) mentions of American Eagle’s ($AEO) lingerie and loungewear sub-brand Aerie has gone up 42%, from 1,840 to 6,060.

Yesterday, the Aerie Facebook page posted a picture of a girl playing a ukulele in bed, wearing one of the brand’s signature comfy bras: “How are you staying busy at home? Share your tips for adding feel-good to your routine below.”

Anthropologie ($URBN) is now offering 40% all tees, loungewear, hair accessories, and office supplies and decor. The retailer is dubbing the sale "The Work-From-Home Edit." In a little over a week, Anthro's Facebook mentions have increased a whopping 151% from 6,680 to 16,800.

With everyone cooped up inside for the foreseeable future, companies that already boast an “au naturel” image have the opportunity to double down on that sentiment.

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