If you want to get away from the news, we don't blame you. Unfortunately, a nice relaxing vacation is not in the cards, as that would require travel and right now is not the best time to book a flight. That is a major problem for airlines and cruise lines, as well as one other industry that gets major business during the summer months: resorts.

Sandals ($PRIVATE:SANDALSRESORTS) is one of the big names in resort hotels, but an all-inclusive trip to the Caribbean is a health and safety risk in the midst of Coronavirus. People are opting to just Netflix and chill for a while. 

With our Facebook 'Talking About' count, we can see that during Christmas and New Year's there was a dip in chatter about Sandals, and now there's another one just as steep. 54% fewer people are discussing Sandals on the platform, from late February to today. 

The same thing is happening on Instagram, where there's a month-over-month decline in followers. People probably don't love seeing those sandy beaches and blue ocean in their feeds while they're stuck working from home. Although maybe that would be a good escape from the news, honestly, but if you're not planning on booking at Sandals within the next few weeks, better to not look at how beautiful it is, right? Out of sight, out of mind?

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