It's official: Pinterest ($PRIVATE:PINTEREST) will debut on the New York Stock Exchange in April after filing its IPO paperwork over last week.

We have numbers for pinterest dating back to 2015, so we're able to gather a rich alternative data history of the discovery app.

Here's what we've discovered about Pinterest:

Pinterest is one of the most popular apps via Facebook login

Right now, Pinterest is the fourth-most popular application that uses a Facebook login token. According to the database, that means this app has well over 50 million monthly active users who login to it using their Facebook profile.

It is the most popular application among all the lifestyle apps we track that use Facebook login tokens, such as Tinder ($MTCH).

This all means that the social discovery app is among the elite social media applications of today. This method of tracking users unfortunately has no way to count Facebook itself, Instagram, or Twitter, the three main competitors to Pinterest. But what it does show is that there are tens of millions of Pinterest users who log into the app at least once a month.

The downside for Pinterest's rating here is that it has a ton of its userbase on Facebook. With so many users tying Pinterest accounts to Facebook logins, this leaves an extra step for potential security issues — we all remember the Facebook login token hack of 2018 — and, more importantly, potential to lose users who grow tired of Facebook.

Hiring is flat but smart

Ahead of its debut on the stock market, the social media network continues its hiring efforts. However, after a slight boost in job openings following the new year, Pinterest saw a net decrease of 23 openings from February 1st to March 24.

Technically, this is a hiring slowdown, but just showing those numbers doesn't tell the full story. For one, given that they are about to go public, the company might have something bigger on their minds than throwing up dozens more openings right now. For another, it is still hiring dozens of engineers, salespeople, and, in a recent spike, Pinner Operations positions such as those who work closely with Promoted Pins (advertisements).

These Pinner Operations jobs are mostly in Dublin, Ireland, which is the second most common location for Pinterest jobs. The first most consistent location for Pinterest jobs is at the company's headquarters in San Francisco.

LinkedIn workforce size grows

While the number of Pinterest job openings has declined slightly over the past two weeks, the company's professional profile continues to see an increase in new employees.

In just three years, Pinterest saw a 185% increase in the number of LinkedIn accounts that claimed employment at the company.

Ahead of its debut on the public stock market, Pinterest continues to grow both among its userbase and as a company, which are all positive signs as investors begin to consider buying into this company.

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