In 2019, the average personal loan annual percentage rate (APR) at Lending Club ($LC) increased by 0.8% based on monthly averages. This most recent upswing in APR signals the largest year-over-year interest-rate rise since 2016. 

In early 2019, average interest rates at Lending Club were 12.684%. As of December 2019, average rates (calculated monthly) have swollen to 13.48%.

Meanwhile, as interest rates moved up in 2019, the average principal lendees were granted decreased.

In January 2019, the average principal on loans was $16,500. As of this month, that has shrunk to a monthly average of $16,000.

This isn't the highest average APRs we've seen at Lending Club, however. In May 2013, average interest rates peaked at 15.2%.

Meanwhile, interest rates hit their lowest in November 2010 in the shadows of the 2008 financial crisis, before making a run to their aforementioned peak in 2013.

The good news for Lending Club borrowers is that the personal loan organization only issues fixed-rate loans. If the trend we're seeing here holds, though, borrowers will likely want to secure loans before what appears to be a bit of an APR run.

There is some good news for borrowers in 2019, though: the average monthly income for those who took out personal loans increased from $7,000 to $7,150, the highest it's been since 2016.

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