We're stuck indoors: now what? 

That's the question America posed itself this past week, as more 'shelter-in-place' orders were put into effect, and as more people practiced social distancing as they accepted the gravity of the Coronavirus outbreak. 

What did we do? 

Oh, we ate. We took up indoor exercising. We took on fictional villains in video games, and got back to the basics, breaking out board games as well. We tried to find a way to get to the doctor - just without leaving the comfort of our homes. 

We did all we could as a society to hold it together, and to be good to one another, as the grim realities of the pandemic became increasingly clear all around us. 

Yoga mats and resistance bands rise up Amazon's best-sellers list amidst Coronavirus pandemic

Yoga mats are ranking high among Amazon’s ($AMZN) best selling products as people work from home and avoid crowded gyms. Since just last week, the average rank has risen 43.75% from 32 to 18, the highest it's been in a year. On the below chart, a lower data point signifies a higher ranking.

Classic games like Connect 4 and Jenga rise among Amazon's best selling products as more people self-quarantine

We're all quarantined and at least six feet from our friends, looking for ways to entertain and comfort ourselves. Enter: board games. Our bygone childhood pastime is ripe for a comeback in the midst of a global pandemic. Clue has made perhaps the most impressive leap. In February, it sat at 95. Today, the murder mystery game is ranked at 12.

Twitch viewership up as gamers stay home

Twitch, the video streaming platform Amazon ($AMZN) owns, is set to have a banner year. The tragedy and crisis of Covid-19 has a silver lining for a handful of businesses and industries (if you find any solace in that). Video game sales will skyrocket as more gamers work from home and sneak in some extra hours when the boss isn't looking. And with that, more gamers will be watching and streaming more games.

Disney hiring tumbles, but at least people are flocking to Disney Plus

Disney is in a particularly precarious position, since it had to close down its theme parks, hotels, and shops recently due to the Coronavirus. Major blockbuster releases like Mulan and Black Widow had to be delayed as movie theaters around the country shut down, and all of this sits on the shoulders of a brand new CEO.

Teladoc shares soar as consumers pursue remote health options

Teladoc stock ($TDOC) is roaring as consumers tune into telehealth offerings as social distancing becomes the new norm. Teladoc hiring is near all-time highs, in terms of job postings, and social sharing is on the rise as well as more consumers try to figure out how to best protect their families - and themselves - better. 

Boeing job postings slump as world travel demand plummets

Boeing ($BA) may have been on the precipice of a turn-around - but the blow dealt to it and to key clients by the Coronavirus outbreak could force the Washington-based aviation company to seek out financial assistance. Already, it has slashed job postings for the second time in two years, as it takes on yet another crisis. 

About the Data:

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