Merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve! Or Festivus Eve Eve if you celebrate with the Airing of the Greivances this holiday season.

Here are today's Numbers You Need to Know.


The number of press briefings the Trump administration has had in the past four months. It is the least amount of press breifings in the White House during a four month stretch during his presidency, and signficantly less than any four months worth of breifings during the Obama administration. Reddit user suity1 broke down the past eight years of press breifings in an awesome chart here.


Japan is KFC's third-largest market, with 1,165 outlets in the country. Since 1974, KFC has become a Christmas tradition in Japan, as a "Kentucky for Christmas" campaign convinced millions of Japanese citizens that a bucket of chicken was the closest they would get to a roast bird in the oven (fun fact: full-size ovens are extremely rare in Japan).


Elon Musk, head of Tesla, SpaceX, Boring Company, and his own destiny, donated $423,600 via his Elon Musk Foundation on Wednesday to buy Chromebook laptops for middle school students in Flint, Michigan. 

“We will begin this winter with our current seventh graders moving into eighth grade and how they use that technology and our current sixth graders and how they use that technology (moving into seventh grade),” said Derrick Lopez, superintendent of Flint schools. “Then they will be able to take them home and use them as an instructional tool so that is power in and of itself.”

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