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We're ready for another exciting week of data insights, but before our usual run of content, we'll ease you into the week with some quick Numbers You Need to Know:


Credit: Shanna Shu

The difference in price between a two-person WeWork ($PRIVATE:WEWORK) and Industrious ($PRIVATE:INDUSTRIOUSOFFICE) office in New York, according to our latest report on coworking spaces. Check it out!

6.9 Million

The number of dislikes on this year's YouTube Rewind, the yearly pièce de résistance for the video-sharing website owned by Google ($GOOG). It is the second most disliked video on the platform, only behind Justin Bieber's "Baby". Is it really that bad though? See for yourself above.


The number of points the Los Angeles Rams scored against the Chicago Bulls on Sunday, inciting a storm of Twitter trash talk as people headed into Sunday night.

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