Expectations for IMAX ($IMAX) are enormous, but can we trust this stock bounceback to last? The answer to that depends on how much you interpret our data as being a harbinger for things to come.

IMAX, the movie theater chain/entertainment technology leader, has an earnings call today. How exciting. Zacks Investment Research, who we rely on for every earnings call story, has them pegged at $0.30 per share for the quarter, which is a 15% increase in YoY. Revenues will also come in higher than expected, up almost 9% from last year. 

All of this sounds like great news in the short term, but our data suggests interest in the IMAX brand is waning.

The first concerning bit of data is on Facebook, where everything is going downwards. Likes have dropped, which is never a good sign, falling by 100,000. Talking About count is also cratering, since just a few years ago half a million people were talking about movies on the IMAX screen.

Twitter is also at a standstill, losing a few thousand followers every few months. There just isn't any real growth in the collective following of IMAX without more reasons to go. We love 70mm presentations, but Christopher Nolan only releases a movie every few years, and he himself cannot carry IMAX to generate all the interest.

IMAX has done an admirable job of adding more to its staff, even if the stock price just keeps tripping over itself. We love IMAX and have fond memories of seeing our favorite films bigger and louder than we've ever seen them. Hopefully, all of this data can lead to better things for the chain, since no one wants to go back to 3D.

About the Data:

Thinknum tracks companies using the information they post online - jobs, social and web traffic, product sales and app ratings - and creates data sets that measure factors like hiring, revenue and foot traffic. Data sets may not be fully comprehensive (they only account for what is available on the web), but they can be used to gauge performance factors like staffing and sales. 

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