Tesla ($TSLA) has been under fire as it lags on Model 3 production and ultimately delivery. CEO Elon Musk has been saying that the company has been ramping up production and hiring at its Fremont plant to meet demands, saying tha tcompany would be producing 5,000 Model 3s per week.

So far, as we've reported before, hiring activity at Tesla hasn't matched its public statements. Despite saying it would be hiring 400 people a week to meet demand, hiring data showed that doesn't appear to be happening. In fact, hiring activity has slowed.

But there is some silver lining. When tracking Tesla job openings with the word "delivery" in them, we see a sharp swing upwards this summer and higher levels of hiring than ever for the keyword.

On May 22, 2018, positions with the word "delivery" peaked at a high of 157. Today, that number has settled to a still-impressive 89 open positions.

The most common "delivery" position is what's called a "Delivery Experience Specialist". On that peak day of May 22, of the 157 openings, 48 were for Delivery Experience Specialists.


Title (Count)

Delivery Experience Specialist


Delivery Manager


Delivery Advisor


Delivery Experience Specialist (DES III)


Delivery Experience Specialist (DES II)


Delivery Supervisor, Lot Management


Associate Delivery Manager, Customer Experience


Delivery Supervisor, Vehicle Prep


Delivery Supervisor, Customer Experience


Registrations Supervisor, Delivery Operations


The Delivery Experience Specialist is described as such:

At Tesla, our Delivery Experience Specialists (DES) I are our brand ambassadors, supporting our mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy by creating memorable experiences for our customers and assisting with delivery day activities. The DES I will support customers from the moment they arrive onsite. Our Specialists are on the front lines and responsible for warmly welcoming our new owners for delivery day, greeting them with a smile and offering hospitality. We’ve created one of the most innovative vehicles ever made, and we’re looking for positive and reliable team members to help deliver an equally innovative delivery experience for our valued customers.

If anything, this certainly means that Tesla is putting more people in more new cars. It's impossible to know if the new cars are Model 3s just yet, but this kind of activity is promising if you've been looking to get one of your own in the next few years.

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