As the Coronavirus epidemic’s aftershocks has cost millions of Americans their jobs, and while countless companies are slashing job postings and laying off staffers, there are still many companies participating in various initiatives to either support the healthcare industry’s battle against COVID-19, or to support the new society that ‘shelter-in-place’ orders have created. Thinknum Alternative Data breaks down which industry leaders are staffing up, and how they are helping fight against the outbreak. 

Healthcare industry hiring surges in Coronavirus response plan

As the Coronavirus pandemic grips the US, industry leaders in healthcare are ramping up job postings. At Cigna ($CIG), job postings are up 48% from recent 2019 lows. And, for Humana ($HUM),  job postings are up 28% so far this year. 

Paypal staffs up as payment apps support social distancing

At Paypal ($PYPL), job postings more than doubled to begin 2020. One of the areas it's been staffing up lately is its analytics team - the rearrangement of customs, trends and societal norms may make for some fascinating payments data, and it seems if PayPal is looking to better understand the trends. 

Target thrives in a pandemic as staff questions workplace safety

Since the beginning of March, Target ($TGT) has increased their job postings by 8%, adding 730 open positions. The retailer has seen social chatter soar in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak, as shoppers flock to its aisles to load up on groceries and cleaning products. 

Dollar General plans on doubling its hiring soon

While most stores around the country are closing due to them not offering items not deemed "essential items," Dollar General is planning on zagging when everyone else is zigging by doubling its hiring efforts.


Regardless of what's happening on earth, Elon Musk and his launch company SpaceX are hiring more than ever. The company is in the middle of a heavy production mode for new rockets all while getting its low-orbit Starlink satellite array that will blanket the earth in broadband internet.

About the Data:

Thinknum tracks companies using the information they post online - jobs, social and web traffic, product sales and app ratings - and creates data sets that measure factors like hiring, revenue and foot traffic. Data sets may not be fully comprehensive (they only account for what is available on the web), but they can be used to gauge performance factors like staffing and sales. 

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