Clorox ($CLX) is cleaning up. In Americans' homes, hopefully cleaning up any potential threatening viruses, on public transit, in administration buildings - you name it. 

Clorox is also cleaning up on social media. The attention it garners on the biggest social network in the world nearly doubled its typical 2020 social media activity in late February and early March as more consumers began to take the threat of the Coronavirus outbreak seriously.

Lately, Clorox's Facebook ($FB) Talking About Count has been soaring as the brand has come front-and-center in the Coronavirus outbreak, now stirring consumers' fears in the US. And there are plenty of discussions about whether Clorox is a safeguard against infection. 

Clorox is also getting more attention on Twitter ($TWTR) too, where its following has slightly grown in recent weeks. 

It's likely Clorox will keep getting consumer attention - in part thanks to Apple ($AAPL). At a time when Americans are panicking about contracting the potentially deadly virus, phone cleanliness is paramount - and Apple recently issued a recommendation for a Clorox product to clean its screens that should prove beneficial for the Oakland-based brand. 

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