Wyndham Hotels ($WH) took a hit Thursday, February 13 when it reported earnings, on news that the majority of its Chinese hotels faced a continuing suspension of business as the hotelier aims to manage the impact of China's Coronavirus outbreak. 

In a down day for markets, Wyndham's matching earnings expectations still cost it on markets, and shares fell 1% in Thursday trading. 

The realities of the Coronavirus shaping Wyndham's top line are a primary concern for investors. Skift reported, based on its earnings call, that the company would shutter a staggering 70% of nearly 1,500 locations - our map above, maps all of Wyndham's Chinese hotels, to break down by region where it may be impacted. 

Wyndham is far from the only US company to be facing a partial shutdown, or a total slowdown, in China - and various American corporations are grappling with the difficulties they face as Chinese regulators aim to balance the re-opening of its economy against the need for public safety precautions to safeguard against a lingering Coronavirus outbreak. 

It's not just the immediately-dwindling revenue from one of Wyndham's key growth markets that should be a concern, either.

Facebook ($FB) Talking About Count for the brand suggests that - for multiple Wyndham social media handles - consumers' attention has been dwindling in recent years. Or, at least, that's the case on Facebook - where other big brands have struggled to get the same level of consumers' chatter as they did in previous years (when Facebook was still enjoying a much better public image, and, before hordes of smaller competitors aiming to take a piece out of Facebook's top line came along). 

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