At first, it was just Clorox ($CLX). Now, it's several of the Oakland-based cleaning product portfolio's brands. 

As Coronavirus mushroomed into a full-blown pandemic, the world was forced to clean up. And, for a company with an international lineup of cleaning products, it couldn't be a better time to be Clorox. 

For starters, Clorox and its brands aren't just hot in the US - or North America, for that matter. AyudinArgentina, a similar cleaning product in (you guessed it!) Argentina, has seen Facebook ($FB) Talking About Count, or its social chatter on the network, soar as of late, as Argentines tried to combat Coronavirus.

SOSClorox is a scrubbing brand that exists under the broader umbrella, and is widely available in the US and internationally. And, predictably, as more people began talking about bleach on social media, they also began talking about the ancillary cleaning brand. 

After all that bleaching and scrubbing, it would be downright neglectful to not give that wooden coffee table a streak-free shine and smell. And, just like its sister products, Pinesol's Facebook Talking About Count is also shooting up. 

Clorox also owns salad dressing company Hidden Valley, which has seen its own Facebook Talking About Count rise as of late. At least during the lockdown, it's good to see folks eating healthy. It's more than just a clever data point to see that Clorox brands are drawing higher engagement on social media - for investors, being able to have confidence that not just its flagship product, but that other parts of their portfolio are earning engagement at a time other companies are struggling to maintain viability, is a key factor to be able to communicate at what's certain to be a stressful earnings season. 

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