Buying a used car is generally a good financial choice. Buying a used car that holds its value is an even better choice. But predicting a car's value in the future can be tough: brands go out of business, technical flaws are discovered, or parts become scarce. But other cars become classics, holding — and in some cases increase — their values.

In October, the biggest aftermarket gainer was now-defunct Hummer, which increased its value at CarMax ($KMX) by $5,652.58 on average. The company went out of business in 2010 when the market turned its back on heavy, expensive SUVs. But since then, a good Hummer has been hard to come by, and collectors are pushing its value.

Hummer far outpaced Audi, which gained an average of $617.77 in October, followed closely by Jaguar which gained $606.41.

























Land Rover




















Among the top-10 makes sold at CarMax in October, Mercedes was the biggest loser, with an average price drop of $895.43. Lexus used vehicles lost $671.26 on average.

A single month of movement isn't necessarily a trend, but it does tell us what's happening in the auto resale market at the world's largest dealer. This new data comes after the most-expensive summer for used cars yet.

As always, we'll keep our eyes on the data.

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