Just yesterday, we reported that Tesla had slowed hiring efforts by 36% or 1,165 positions in just the past month. This change in hiring has now been cryslized by today's announcement that Tesla would be cutting 9% of its job force.

The company says the cuts will not affect Model 3 production, despite the fact that hiring at the Fremont plants (where the Model 3 is produced) is down as well.

As of this morning, Tesla has removed another 64 job openings from its public-facing jobs website:

Similarly, Tesla openings in Fremont are down 27 positions since yesterday and down 263 positions from a hiring high of 574 in mid-May.

Given the cuts in Fremont, it's hard to imagine that these changes will not affect Model 3 production. As always, we'll keep an eye on this rollercoaster.

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