Zoom Video Communications ($PRIVATE:ZOOM) is gearing up to go public in April according to multiple reports. As it does so, several data trends show that it will pack a punch when it decides to go for an IPO. Mainly, its product, as well as the people who work on it, are all showing signs of a successful company through the public data trails tracked on Thinknum.

An app that's continuing to grow

Founded in 2011 by Cisco ($CSCO) subsidiary WebEx, specifically by one of its engineers Eric S. Yuan, Zoom is a video conference software program that initially supported 15 individual cameras. It partnered with several established brands during its infancy, such as Logitech ($LOGI) and the workplace collaboration tool Redbooth ($PRIVATE:REDBOOTH).

Today, Zoom is a unicorn startup, partnering with larger companies such as Slack ($PRIVATE:SLACK) and Facebook ($FB), as well as launching Zoom for Telehealth for use by medical professionals. It has also grown into a top-500 app via Facebook login trends, an objectively impressive feat for an eight-year-old company.

To give an idea of how strong Zoom's rank is, it's hovering around the same rank as the popular social media management platform Hootsuite ($PRIVATE:HOOTSUITE) and college textbook marketplace Chegg ($CHGG).

A growing workforce with positive sentiments

On LinkedIn, there are 1,239 employees who claim to work for Zoom. Its headcount has steadily increased over time for the past year and a half, with the largest jump between February and March of 2018.

Not only is Zoom's workforce growing, employees appear absolutely ecstatic to work there according to Glassdoor review data. Employees who wrote reviews anonymous reviews about the company they work for gave their CEO Eric Yuan a near-perfect 98% approval rating.

Yuan is so popular, in fact, that he was named the #1 CEO on Glassdoor in 2018.

As stalwarts such as Microsoft's Skype show their age in the video communications space, Zoom is racing to go public with impressive growth and positive workplace culture.

In terms of the company's future, alternate data suggests that Zoom's best days are still ahead of it.

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