Worldwide financial services provider Wirecard ($XETRA:WDI) filed for bankruptcy last Thursday due to “over-indebtedness” to the tune of $4 billion. The move rippled with consequences for many businesses and people, some of whom have been locked out of their Wirecard accounts

Wirecard continues to run, but its stock dropped from $9 down to $1 over the past five days as the insolvency filing continues to be reviewed. On Friday, the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority suspended Wirecard’s UK counterpart: Wirecard Card Solutions (WCS) Limited. WCS is the banking provider for companies like Curve and Pockit. 

Here are the companies that have been affected by the WCS suspension.


Curve, a UK banking service, was only minimally disrupted. In April, they became a Mastercard principal member and started moving services like card issuing and e-money in house. While members were likely to see a temporary disruption, it only lasted for a brief period of time and no customer funds were at risk, according to a Curve statement.


Pockit is a UK banking service that was hit a lot harder by the suspension. Customer accounts were frozen, which created inconveniences for people with no alternative payment methods. The official Pockit Twitter account has been posting progress updates, but its followers aren't satisfied.

U Account

U Account, a company which has a logo that reads ‘Open a U Account today. Never use a bank again.” assured customers that funds were safe, but that its service had been temporarily suspended.

McLear Ring

McLear Ring is a wearable that enables customers to make contactless payments. The company told customers that the wearables were unusable at the moment: customers cannot load money or make transactions with the Ring.

The cryptocurrency sphere is affected by the suspension: bank cards are out of service. 

Anna Money

Anna Money is a mobile business account that completes invoices and estimates taxes. The UK company reassured customers that their money was safe, but that due to the FCA action, customers were unable to access their accounts. 


CardOneMoney customers have been given the option to transfer money out of their frozen accounts to another account at no cost. 


Payoneer is a digital payment platform for businesses around the world. Payoneer’s prepaid Mastercards were WCS-issued, so accounts are frozen. Customers aren’t able to use their cards or receive new funds. The company reassured its Twitter followers that they “won’t rest until this is resolved.”

Morses Club

Morses Club ($LON:MCL) delivers small loans via cash or prepaid credit card, and online accounts have been frozen. However, in the same time frame, Facebook likes for the service have gone up by 40,000.


Boon customers have used the mobile bank to no avail over the weekend. Boon doesn’t have an official statement on their site, but cards are issued by Wirecard.


Holvi is a banking provider for small businesses, and its Mastercards have been suspended. 

Going forward, Wirecard is tasked by the FCA with not disposing of assets/funds, discontinuing regulated activities, and communicating with its customers about what it’s allowed to do. The FCA recommends that customers reach out to their card providers and agents directly with concerns or questions.

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