People are developing new hobbies to cope with stress and isolation as we continue to shelter in place. Sourdough starters and fitness bands have taken over social media. Board games are making a comeback. And lately, many have taken to arts and crafts as a therapeutic way to pass the time.

Watercolor sets ranked 33rd among Amazon’s ($AMZN) best-selling products when quarantine began in March, up 62 spots from February. A lower data point on the chart signifies a higher ranking.

Knitting products jumped from a ranking of 98th in April to 45th this month, the highest it's been since last November. 

Play-doh hit number 10th last month. It crawled back to 79th in May but since shot up to 8th.

Of course, the above chart could be more reflective of parents trying to entertain restless children in quarantine rather than bored adults trying to soothe themselves. But then again, aren't we all just restless children during quarantine?

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