One thing is clear: with extreme exceptions, used cars lose value over time. But for some luxury car brands, the used market has been less kind to some makes more than others.

In this case, the past year has seen pre-owned Teslas lose the most value, at least according to thousands of car listings tracked at Carvana ($CVNA). In the past year, used Teslas lost an average value of $7,500. Meanwhile, used Porsches lost an average value of $4,900.

Of the top-5 most expensive makes sold at Carvana in the past year, Tesla lost the most value on the used market, at least according to Carvana. Land Rover average value dropped the least of the 5 markers, with an average loss of just $2,800 in the past year.

The data includes more than 10,000 unique Tesla VINs, nearly 9,000 Land Rover VINs, and around 7,700 Jaguar VINs. Overall, Tesla was the most expensive used car make on Carvana in the past year with an average price of $45,099, followed by Land Rover with an average price of $36,561.72.


Price (Average)

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Used Teslas continue to be a bit of an anomaly. The brand is still young, even though used Teslas now date back to 2012. CarMax recently stopped selling used Teslas.

UPDATE: CarMax reached out to us with a statement on availability of Teslas at their dealership: "The mix of our used vehicle inventory by make, model and age will vary from time to time, depending on consumer preferences, seasonality and market availability. CarMax does not have any Teslas available for sale at this time."

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