Investors are lining up this week to get a deeper look at ride-hailing leader Uber ($PRIVATE:UBER) preps for what is already being hailed (heh) as the largest IPO of 2019. Analysts are eager to see how Uber measures up to smaller-but-worthy rival Lyft ($PRIVATE:LYFT) when it comes to booking revenue, which has shown signs of slowing. They're also itching to know where future revenue streams will come from as the company continues to expand into shipping and delivery.

But while they way, we have some alternative data that provides a unique look at Uber's trajectory. In short, all indicators are up: hiring, workforce growth, and even company culture metrics. Here's what we have so far on what is sure to be a massive Wall Street event. 

Hiring is up

Any healthy company - especially one looking to bring on the public as investors - is a hiring company. Since the new year, Uber has accelerated hiring to the tune of 100%, doubling the number of job openings in just three months.

Hiring trends reveal a focus on expansion

Hiring appears to be razor-focused on worldwide expansion, as Community Operations and City Launch operations jobs outweigh even Engineering ans sales. This tells us that there's a clear path to bring Uber to new markets which, assuming all goes according to plan, will open up new streams of revenue. It's the same path Uber has been on since day one, and it's worked.

Note: Be sure to click the Play button in the chart above to see how Uber's hiring by category has evolved over time. It tells a compelling story about how the company has matured and adjusted.

A steadily growing workforce

Hiring is one thing, but keeping employees around is another. Uber's employee count, as told by LinkedIn, has been on a steady path since 2015 and hasn't slowed for a moment. Rule number one of startup growth: hire great people, and keep them around. According to LinkedIn data over time, Uber is doing just this.

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