Beyond Meat ($BYND) just announced a new lucrative partnership with burger chain McDonald's ($MCD). The deal will bring a new plant-based spin to the menu, first starting off in southwestern Ontario, but later to more locations. This is all spurred by the success of rival Burger King ($QSR) and its "Impossible Whopper" launch which has been a success for Mickey D's rival. 

Here is a map of every store that sells Beyond Meat.

The total number of all those dots is roughly 51,000. There are 37,855 McDonald's restaurants on planet Earth, and with the long-term expectation that every single one would receive Beyond Meat, that translates to a footprint increase of 74% approximately. It's a staggering figure to behold, if the plan expands past Ontario.

Here is every single one of the 14,000 McDonald's in the United States of America. Soon, they could all be selling meatless burgers, just imagine that. We could have merged these maps together - but it would have just effectively been a sea of red. And, you can pinch-and-zoom to your heart's delight, to get a better sense of new areas where Beyond Meat will be expanding its footprint. 

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