Today, Harvey Weinstein is in handcuffs after being arraigned on charges of first- and third-degree rape and committing a cirminal sexual act in the first degree.

This happened seven months after multiple women came forward with disturbing stories about sexual misconduct by Weinstein.

Along with his demise, his film production company The Weinstein Company ($PRIVATE:THEWEINSTEINCOMPANY) took massive business and perception hits. The company is now in Chapter 11 bankruptcy after a failed acquisition deal.

Here's what The Weinstein Company's quick demise looked like on social media.

In October, when stories began to unfold about how Weinstein treated women, chatter on Facebook erupted.

Around the same time, Facebook users began un-liking The Weinstein Company's Facebook page. The last post to the company's Facebook page is dated September 15, 2017.

Shortly after that, Twitter users began unfollowing the company as well. This is the last tweet on that account:

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