A new force in the delivery wars has risen after a $10 billion deal merger between two of the largest delivery platforms outside of the United States.

Takeaway.com ($PRIVATE:TAKEAWAY) just bought Just Eat ($LON:JE) in an all-share deal that gives Takeaway.com a greater presence in Canada, the United Kingdom, France, and the isle of Corsica. In total, Takeaway.com will add 104,256 restaurants that partner with Just Eat, which will increase the company's overall distribution footprint by 495%, or nearly quintuple its current network.

Due to the deal, Takeaway.com acquired the largest delivery platform in the United Kingdom, one that was aggressively pricing its delivery service at £1.03 while also using delivery people already employed by some restaurants in order to rapidly expand.

Before Takeaway's merger with Just Eat, the company was one of the largest delivery services on the European continent, serving the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Macedonia. It also has the Vietnammm.com delivery service, which is one of the largest in Vietnam.

However, with this acquisition, Takeaway.com enters two of the largest English-speaking markets outside of the United States, and becomes one of the top-5 largest food delivery platforms we track on Thinknum. It severely outpaces its regional competitors Uber Eats ($PRIVATE:UBER) and Deliveroo ($PRIVATE:DELIVEROO) in the United Kingdom, as well as in Canada.

With Uber Eats recently partnering with Starbucks and McDonalds, and GrubHub set to announce earnings soon, the Delivery Wars appear to be heating up thanks to this merger set to disrupt the top services in the space.

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