Yesterday was Cinco De Mayo and Taco Tuesday, which gave quarantined people a much-needed excuse to celebrate. In fact, the demand for Mexican cuisine was so high that some restaurants had to cancel peoples' orders. But it doesn't seem like Taco Bell ($YUM) had that problem. Facebook mentions for the granddaddy of Mexican fast food actually went down yesterday, 22% from the previous day, to be exact.

It's possible that people were in the mood for a more authentic experience than what Taco Bell can offer. The chain even offered DIY taco bar kits for $25. Chipotle ($CMG) and Del Taco ($TACO) also saw a loss of engagement. Chipotle's mentions were down 42% from May 1.

Moe's Southwest Grill ($PRIVATE:MOESGRILL) and Qdoba ($PRIVATE:QDOBA), on the other hand, saw healthy doses of social media chatter. Qdoba's mentions jumped 11% since yesterday. The Facebook 'Talking About' count for Moe's went up by 23%.

It's true that it's increasingly difficult to "Live mas" while in quarantine, but we'll take what we can get.

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