One week can feel like a year as we trudge through the unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic. Over the last few weeks, jobs deemed "essential" became dire. Those of us in quarantine saw our priorities and lifestyles change, and our wardrobes followed suit. Amazon's ($AMZN) best-selling clothing items for March included yoga pants, rave bandanas, crewneck tees, scrubs, and a lot of fleece. 

Clothing Item - Brand

Average Sales Rank

Days Ranked

Men's Fleece Sweatshirt - Hanes



Men's Pullover Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt - Hanes



Men's Crew T-Shirt Multipack - Gildan



High Waist Yoga Pants - ODODOS 



Totally Shaping Pull-on Skinny Jeans - Signature by Levi Strauss



Seamless Face Mask Bandanas - iHeartRaves 



Men's K87 Workwear Pocket Short-Sleeve T-Shirt - Carhartt



High Waisted Leggings - Satina



Toddlers/Kids Rain Boots - Lonecone

24 21

Women's Mock Wrap Top (Scrubs) - Cherokee

26 27

People were shopping for comfort last month— the closets of the quarantined will be soft and stretchy for the foreseeable future. Clothing labeled "stretch" peaked at number 9 among Amazon's best-sellers in mid-March, while sweatshirts jumped to number 3. But, with warmer days ahead. the average sales rank for sweatshirts dropped off toward the end of the month.

Yoga pants and shapewear saw little change and will likely continue to climb the ranks as people attempt to stay in shape during the quarantine. ODODOS' high waist yoga pants ranked at 9 for 22 days and Levi's shaping skinny jeans sat at 11 for 28 days.

The clothing items in doctors and nurses' carts were understandably less plush. The average sales rank for scrubs rose from 78 to 27 over the course of March. A Cherokee-brand women's scrub top was ranked at 26 for 27 days.

With a shortage of N95 and medical masks, non-healthcare workers turned to bandanas to protect against potential contact with the virus. Kerchiefs from Levi Strauss and iHeartRaves ranked among the top 15 best-selling clothing items last month. Bandanas peaked at 14, the accessory's highest ranking since 2016. 

But it seems like people are slowly starting to introduce some non-apocalyptic spring styles back into the rotation. A split hem beach maxi dress entered the best-sellers, ranking at 18 for one day. Levi's boyfriend jeans sat at 23 for two days, followed by EvinTer running shoes at 24. Hopefully, April's best-sellers will bring bathing suits and sunglasses.

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