Just hours ago, Princess Cruises announced it will shut down operations for two months due to the Coronavirus. More details will surely emerge in the following days, but as of now, the stock for parent company Carnival ($CCL) has taken a hit.

The most interesting thing is just how divided the response has been on social media, considering Carnival owns several cruise lines. The Carnival-branded ships aren't getting the same kind of buzz that the Princess cruises are, and that has to be due to the nature of the coverage.

The news about the Princess lines shutting down can clearly be seen in the chart, as Carnival cruises take a further dip. Before the outbreak turned into a pandemic, Princess was talked about by only a few thousand people, and now it's about to be over 100K; that's an increase in chatter by 466%.

People are also following both cruise lines on Twitter for more updates; Princess and Carnival accounts gained over 6,000 new followers in the past three months alone.

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