Nvidia ($NVDA) is one of those technology companies that you don't hear about every day unless you're a gamer or a cryptocurrency miner, but they are seemingly and quietly involved in every good thing in technology all at once.

The Santa Clara company is known most for its GPUs (graphics processing units) for gamers, but it also provides system-on-a-chip tech to mobile manufacturers and has more recently made major headways into artificial intelligence.

Investors are well aware of Nvidia's strong position in technology, as its stock price has historically reflected. Despite a rough October for the company's stock price after reaching all-time highs, objective data show that Nvidia is running on all positives.

Hiring for a future in AI

As of November 9, 2018, Nvidia listed 1,170 openings. That number was 839 on November 9 of last year. That's a hiring increase of 39% in just one year. What's more, hiring at Nvidia appears to be accelerating as it heads into 2019.

While GPUs and microprocessors have historically been Nvidia's bread and butter, the company is clearly looking forward to artificial intelligence and neural network processing as it makes itself future-proof. One look at open positions at the company with the term "deep learning" in their titles confirms this.

Social media love

One thing Nvidia has for it that most technology companies of its ilk do not have is a healthy social media following. That's likely due to its marketing efforts in the massive gaming community. The company claims over 2.24 million followers on Facebook alone.

Nvidia is bigger than you think

LinkedIn data shows a steadily growing company, with close to 15,000 people claiming the company as their employer. That's a healthy workforce, and as the company's hiring data shows, it's only increasing its investment in human capital.

Make no mistake: Nvidia is well-positioned when it comes to future technology. We'll take a look at AMD, Nvidia's closest competitor in the chip industry, for comparison's sake later this week.

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