Welcome to our very first Numbers You Need to Know on Thinknum Media!

Although alternate data from our database is important, we know that we're not the only ones looking outside of dollars and cents. While researching for our daily stories, we come across hundreds — nay, thousands — of percentages, sums, differences, and comparisons, some more interesting than others.

With that, here are three interesting numbers that will get you started on your day:


Source: TalentWorks

That's the percentage of listed job requirements you'll need to line up with in order to land your dream job interview. In a recent study from job placement company TalentWorks, candidates were as likely to get a job interview if they met 50% of the job's requirements as if they met 90% of them.

200 million

The number of registered users for Fornite shows that Fortnite-mania isn't over just yet. According to game publisher Epic Games ($PRIVATE:FORTNITE), the battle royale game's registered userbase grew 60% since June, and 500% since January.


The number of new followers incoming Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is picking up every day on Twitter. Donald Trump picks up 17,723 new followers per day in comparison.

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