Happy Tuesday! Or technically, the real Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

The holiday that we'll be celebrating on Monday, January 21, is actually for today's date, which is the birthday of civil right activist Martin Luther King Jr. In accordance with the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, which took effect in 1981 and also reset the actual holidays for Washington's Birthday (President's Day), Veteran's Day, and Columbus Day, MLK Jr. Day is always celebrated on the third Monday of January, as that's usually on January 15 or several days afterwards.

So technically, you can take a day off work today!... Or not. Anyways, here's today's Numbers You Need To Know:

$35.4 million

The amount FedEx ($FDX) just paid to end a lawsuit over shipping untaxed cigarettes to New York State and New York City. On Oct. 15, a judge ruled that the shipping company knowingly violated a federal anti-cigarette trafficking statute by allowing companies, Cigarettes Direct To You and Shinnecock Smoke Shop, ship cigs directly to homes untaxed.

$75 million

The amount of money Wells Fargo & Co ($WFC) agreed to loan Curt Schilling-founded video game studio 38 Studios back in 2010 when it moved to Rhode Island and wanted to develop its second title, a massive open world role-playing game with the code name Copernicus. Yesterday, Wells Fargo settled with the S.E.C. after it allegedly failed to notify investors with the risk of this loan, as $75 million was not enough for the studio to make the game. 38 Studios went belly up two years after the loan was issued.

250 million****

The number of streams that Kanye West's The Life of Pablo had in just 10 days when it was released first on Tidal ($PRIVATE:TIDAL) in February 2016... Or so the company said. The Norweigan government is now investigating claims that the service inflated streaming numbers, which we covered here.

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