Happy Friday! Or as those in Morocco call January 11, the Anniversary of the Independence Manifesto!

In 1944 on this date, the Istiqlal (Independence) Party demanded full independence, national reunification, and a democratic constitution for Morocco from France. Although they wouldn't get Independence for another decade and three years, this date has major significance in Moroccan history, and is therefore a national holiday in the country.

Basically, it's the Moroccan Independence Day.

Now that we got your international history fact of the week out of the way, here's today's Numbers You Need to Know:

$5 billion

The amount of money ex-Sears ($SHLD) CEO and current Chairman Eddie Lampert bid to bail the retailer out of bankruptcy. The above shows the empire he'll inherit (courtesy of our database), should Sears accept the deal.


The percentage of people in 26 countries who believe a future cyberattack will likely damage national infrastructure, according to the latest Pew Research Center poll. For the United States, 83% of those polled believe that a future cyberattack would likely damage public infrastructure, 82% believe national security information will be accessed, and 78% believe elections will be tampered with due to a cyberattack.


The number of days the United States Government shutdown has lasted, tieing it for the longest shutdown in U.S. history (the other 21-day shutdown was also in December and January, but across 1995 and 1996.)

Millions of federal workers missed their paycheck this week, and a flight attendant union representing workers from United ($UAL), Alaska ($ALK), and Spirit ($SAVE) Airlines wrote a letter to politicians detailing the damage it is doing to the airline industry. Among these are the stoppage in training for new air-traffic controllers, the halt of the Federal Aviation Administration from processing background checks and administering new licenses to student pilots, and TSA and Customs employees working without pay.

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