We've been tracking Luckin Coffee, the world's fastest-growing chain in the world, since its high-speed beginnings. We've known that this moment would come, but now that it's here, the excitement is, well, it's palpable.

So here it is: As of today, Luckin Coffee ($LK) now has as many locations in China as does Starbucks ($SBUX).

That's right: both Luckin and Starbucks now list 4,260 locations, after Luckin pledged to open an average of 9 stores per day for the past year.

This news comes as Luckin prepares to release earnings on November 12, when early estimates expect the company to continue to burn more cash than its making. Earning-per-share estimates are at -$0.38 on revenues of $208.84 million. Luckin missed estimates last quarter, surprising investors with a two-cent EPS drop on top of earnings that missed by over $4 million.

Given Luckin's rapid expansion, it's not terribly surprising that the company continues to lose money, as it's still in full brand-build mode.

And now that it at least matches Starbucks in terms of location outlay, it will likely be even more focused on growing its customer base in China.

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