JUUL ($PRIVATE:JUUL) e-cigarettes have become so popular among teens that it's become a verb in daily parlance. Rather than saying "vaping", they simply say "Juuling". Meanwhile, location data shows that more than half of all American high school have at least one JUUL retailer within 1 mile.

E-cigarette usage among high school students rose 78% in 2018, and it is now estimated that more than 3 million students vape. Or, more likely, more than 3 million students JUUL.

This all adds up to a JUUL Labs company that is on a massive growth path. According to our data, the company is growing on virtually every facet. We take a brief look at each below.

Workforce size quadrupled in 9 months

In terms of workforce size, JUUL Labs has almost quadrupled in less than a year. In July 2018, 469 LinkedIn members listed JUUL Labs as their employer. As of this week, that number is 1,840.

Hiring up more than 200% in the past year

JUUL Labs' growth path is on pace to continue growing at a massive rate, as job openings at the company have also been on the rise. In July 2018, the company was hiring for 217 positions. As of this week, JUUL Labs is listing 541 openings on its careers site

The most-common job type available at JUUL is in Sales with 127 openings, followed distantly by Operations Engineering and Global Supply Chain. The top job-opening categories reflect a company that is on a global growth path, with common openings in Engineering, Technology, and Marketing.

JUUL Job Category




Operations Engineering


Global Supply Chain




Finance & Accounting


Brand Marketing




Quality & Regulatory Affairs


Advanced Technologies




Deep, growing retail footprint

We track more than 51,000 JUUL locations globally, at least as of October 2018. For a sense of the cadence at which JUUL e-cigarettes are being added to retail locations, in early October, JUUL listed just 32,000 locations.

When does it end?

At some point, JUUL will hit its saturation point: it'll reach stasis with retail locations and will eventually have enough employees designing, producing, marketing, and selling e-cigaretts. But it appears that moment is far in the future, and that JUUL fully intends to continue on an extreme growth path.

It also has the funds to do so: In December 2018, tobacco giant Altria ($MO) took a 35% state in JUUL, which valued the e-cigarette company at a whopping $38 billion.

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