Memorial Day, while somber in purpose, is also widely considered to be the unofficial start of the summer vacation season.

That means millions of Americans will be grilling up hot dogs, cracking open cans of beer, and heading to the amusement park. 

But Disneyland ($PRIVATE:DISNEYLANDRESORT), the king of all amusement parks, doesn't appear to see a jump in foot traffic during the Memorial Day weekend according to Facebook "We're Here" location data that we track on a daily basis.

On May 29, 2017 — Memorial Day last year — there was a minor spike in people talking about Disneyland on Facebook. That day, 150,000 people were chatting about Disneyland. But that number doesn't compare to the winter holiday season when pre-Thanksgiving chatter had talking-about counts as high as 350,000. 

When looking at foot traffic, we see a steady rise over time, but that's only showing cumulative counts. When we pull day-to-day change, we see the following:

Memorial Day at Disneyland last year was little more than another normal day at the park. Recently, though, spikes on March 7, 2018 and April 17, 2018 are of interest. Interestingly, April 17 was the day taxes were due. It was also the day that former first-lady Barbara Bush passed away. It was also the day a Southwest Airlines plane's engine exploded, killing one passenger.

But nothing that would indicate a reason for more people to head to Disneyland (unless people pay their taxes and head to Disneyland, which, if true, is awesome).

In other words, it appears Disneyland is on its own schedule, and if you're planning to head to Mickey's place this weekend, while you should be prepapred for crowds, data shows that it won't be any more - or less - crowded than usual.

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