The Coronavirus outbreak has given us a lot to worry about this spring, and food tracking seems to be pretty far down on most people’s lists. Just a few months ago, users flocked to fitness and nutrition apps to jumpstart their new year’s resolutions. But those goals are being reevaluated in the face of a global crisis. 

Since late March, Fitbit ($FIT) lost 51% of its Apple app store ratings. The ratings count for the Under Armour-owned calorie-counting app MyFitnessPal ($UA) fell 34%, while Weight Watchers’ ($WW) ratings dropped 10%.

Meanwhile, Facebook mentions for the psychology-driven “anti-diet” weight loss app Noom ($PRIVATE:NOOM) are up 244% from last month. 

It’s possible people are trying to take a more holistic approach to wellness in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, and these companies might need to rethink their strategies.

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