Justin Kan's legal disruptor has gone belly-up, as software startup Atrium ($PRIVATE:ATRIUM) fired its remaining employees.

You can read about all the gory details here, including an impromptu eulogy from the CEO and founder Kan.

It felt bad to just drop the data down to zero, but at least the law firm part of Atrium will continue on in some form. The legal software part of the business is dead as a doorknob, though, and over 100 people will lose their jobs as a result.

2020 was not kind to Atrium, as hiring was quite healthy until it suddenly wasn't, and the startup stopped looking for new employees. From November to February, job listings went down 88.5%.

At least there was a slight bump in followers once the news was announced! Twitter is great at helping people commemorate businesses that are on their way out - less so, at supporting said businesses.

Atrium did a great job of getting the word out, gaining an increase of 17% in followers since September.

“I’m really grateful to the customers and the team members who came along with me and our investors. It’s unfortunate that this wasn’t the outcome that we wanted but we’re thankful to everyone that came with us on the journey. We decided to call it and wind down the startup operations. There will be some capital returned to investors post-wind-down." - Atrium CEO Justin Kan

Here lies Atrium. RIP, you were gone too soon. Or maybe too long.

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