Today, Elon Musk walked out on Facebook. He took with him his corporate family, too: electric vehicle pioneer Tesla Motors ($TSLA), space-going maverick SpaceX ($PRIVATE:SPACEX), and futurist solar panel subsidiary SolarCity ($SCTY).

As of now, all of these companies' accounts have been deleted.

We've been tracking their Facebook accounts - likes, conversations, check-ins - since mid-2015. As a send-off, we present to you some of the rocket-like social trajectories they leave behind.

Note: these exits abandon more than 5,600,000 likes and millions upon millions of conversations.

Tesla Likes Over Time

SpaceX Facebook Likes Over Time

Solar City Likes Over Time

And millions of conversations about the future of humanity and a future beyond earth.

SpaceX Talking About - Conversations on Facebook

That final space occured right when SpaceX launched Falcon Heavy, the world's most powerful rocket. The bump in checkins below reflects that date as well.

SpaceX We're Here Checkins

Godspeed, Elon and cos.

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